I would have to say that I was a little lost today and didn’t really understand what was being discussed. I understand the beginning when he was talking about signal to noise ratio and how if a signal goes over a longer distance the more “noise” it accumulates. However, the whole information theory is indifferent to meaning, I would have to say I feel like I did not quite understand what that meant.


Talking about how the cold war forced advancement in technology was not a new concept to me. But Bush was a new subject to me I had never heard of him before. The desk with the digital storage inside of it was a particularly interesting invention I would totally love to see one in real life. And when the professor was talking about how Carr says that essentially the internet is making us stupid. Bush thinks that the internet is actually how our minds work and thinks that the internet is a good representation of how the human brain works.


I understand what was being said that theoretically people who are illiterate are wiser than those who are literate. And to me I understand where they are coming from and I agree with it to a certain point. Back when Socrates was actually alive I could see how that would be true or fairly accurate but in today’s world I would say that that isn’t true because of all the knowledge that has been discovered since Socrates did. In fairness that is a ton more information nowadays then there was before, therefore, people can’t be expected to remember it all.

On another note I thought the “medium is the message” is a very interesting way to look at things and I think if you look at things in that respect then you would definitely see something from a brand new point of view that you may not have thought of before. The thought that the medium is the message is an interesting one to think of considering most people pay attention to the actual message and don’t pay two minds to the medium. So theoretically they are always missing the intended message.


We talked about how movies that were made about 100 years ago showed that same thing happening from two distinct shots and how that can be connected to how people today have what is called as two distinct selves whereas people 100+ years ago didn’t really have that. And I would have to say that I am not completely sure that I agree With him that people today have different selves that those back then. It seems a little weird to think about that we have two distinct selves one that’s really us and one that is for the public and don’t agree that people from before didn’t have the same two selves.


The thing about the time zones that professor O’Malley was talking about today was very interesting in the respect when he said before time zones everyone had their own sense of time and that when the time zones were regulated the people felt dislocated and to me that feels weird. I say this because I feel people would be even more disjointed if they were all on their own time.


What O’Malley was talking about today I would have to say I agree with even if he was playing devils advocate and may not have believed his own words. When he made a statement that music might compressed nowadays so that it dampens the emotional reaction of the listener. And I would have to say in my personal opinion I prefer music that is uncompressed don’t get me wrong I do like some music that is coming out nowadays it’s just that uncompressed music makes me feel like i’m seeing it in person and it just sounds raw to me which I like and there should be minor imperfections in music nothing is ever perfect.